Route My Day

Route My Day add-on takes the current day's jobs, feeds them into the Google Directions API, and returns turn-by-turn navigation for the best, optimal route. Here is how the add-on works:

  1. Activate the add-on as you normally would. 
  2. Either on the desktop or job, navigate to a job (doesn't matter which one), and click the Route My Day button. 
  3. The add-on will generate a unique link to view the days jobs laid out cleanly on a map and includes turn by turn navigation. I've also included a "Print" button to save or print.
  4. Clicking on the link will generate the map. Please note that clicking on the link and generating the map goes towards your monthly billing. To reduce costs, please print the page.
Number of Link Clicks Per Click Cost
1-100 $1.00
101-500 $0.75
501+ $0.50


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