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Would you like to access all the files in your ServiceM8 Job Diary? With this add-on, you can click the button on the job card, and it will generate a link to download all the attachments in that particular job.

If you would like to subscribe to Dropbox for Business under my company, Magnolia Innovative Solutions, we want to offer this add-on for free - a $120/annual savings. Contact us for Dropbox for Business pricing.

Automatic Download of Approved Invoices


Add Alternate Email

Steps to activate new add-on:
1. Turn off existing Attachment Download add-on and then click here to re-activate the updated add-on.
2. Visit to add the second usage-based subscription for the automatic downloads.
3. On this same page, you can add an alternate email address as well.
4. Once these steps are complete, when you approve an invoice in ServiceM8, the add-on will automatically download the files for that job and either send you a link or upload them to Dropbox (whichever is active). **Remember** - the automatic download of files is a per job usage fee. Billing details are below. 

**To reset your password, go here -

Billing Details for Add-on
* To use this add-on, you have to subscribe to it here - To use the automatic downloads, you must follow the steps listed in the previous section. 
* The usage based billing is based on 3 tiers - the more jobs you process the lower the cost per job goes. See screen shot below for more details.

Update - July 24, 2020
- With this new update, I've added the ability to automatically download jobs based on approved invoices. This update requires an additional subscription and is based on usage. Additionally, you can now add an alternate email to send the email with a download link.

Update - September 25, 2018
- Added a Dropbox integration to upload files directly to Dropbox.

Known Issues:
- 07/11/2018: Downloading of massive data, like 100s of pictures, results in a timeout. Fixed.

Update - July 10th, 2018
- Added the ability to save the zipped job file to your Dropbox account instead of downloading to your computer.

Update - July 9th, 2018
- Included in the download is a "txt" file with all of the notes added to the job diary.

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