Winback Email Marketing

Winback Email Marketing is an add-on that increases customer engagement for stagnant jobs. The process for creating a campaign and creating email sequences is super easy. Simply follow these steps or refer to this YouTube video:

1. Create a queue for managing stagnant customers

2. Authenticate the add-on by clicking HERE.

3. Once you authenticate the add-on, you'll see a page to create the first campaign. You'll name the campaign and choose which queue to assign the campaign.

4. The next step is to create the email sequences and time them accordingly. Within each message you can use variables that will be replaced with the actual values. For instance, if you use {{ first_name }}, this will be replaced with Josh. 

Additionally, this page will show you all the emails in this campaign, as well as the status of the campaign. 

5. Once an email is sent, using ServiceM8 email servers, a note will be added to the job. Here is an example.

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