Magnolia Client Import

What it does?

Much like the built in ServiceM8 import tool, we can import clients, but we can also bring in additional information. For instance, if you have a spreadsheet with your customers' information, but you also have columns that include fields like, date of last service. With this add-on, we take each additional column and combine them into a single note on the client card.

Excel Format

For the import to work correctly, there are a few required columns. The remaining columns will be imported as the notes. The required columns are client_name, company_address, billing_address, first, last, email, and phone.

client_name company_address billing_address first last email phone

*We can customize the import for an additional fee depending on the need.


The cost to use this add-on $0.10/contact. If you only need to import 100 contacts into ServiceM8, then the cost is only $10. All pricing is in USD. 

Getting Started

1. Sign up for an account here -

2. Sign in using the credentials you created.

3. You'll be redirected to ServiceM8 to authenticate

4. After authentication, import your CSV here -

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